Scary pictures from the new Paranormal Activity | Movie

Scary pictures from the new Paranormal Activity |  Movie

VideoGood news for fans of the horror series Paranormal Activity. It’s been six years since the last movie in the scary series was shown in cinemas, but now exciting images from the seventh movie can be seen.

The seventh movie in supernatural activityThe series is called Next kinIt is a reboot of the movie series. The new movie seems to be set in a remote community, where Emily Bader returns a few years later. She and her friends stumble upon a mysterious well, and from that moment on, things go from bad to worse. The friendly farmers suddenly act like wild beasts and it turns out that the village is full of invisible demons and ghosts.

Where do you watch

In the United States, the new supernatural activity Already available at the end of October via the streaming platform Paramount+. The film completely bypasses the cinema there due to the ongoing Corona crisis. Paramount+ is not yet available in the Netherlands, but that will likely change at the beginning of 2022. OR Paranormal Activity: Closest Relatives Appears here in the cinema is not yet known.

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