January 27, 2023

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Icelandic airline sends baggage-unloading devices to Schiphol

Icelandic airline sends baggage-unloading devices to Schiphol

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In the near future, Air Iceland will send two of its baggage handlers on flights from Iceland to Schiphol. The company hopes this will make handling flights in Schiphol more smoothly.

Due to the lack of staff in baggage handlers and airlines, chaos also arose behind the scenes in Schiphol. Thousands of bags and pieces of baggage are piling up at the airport. They are even abroad.

Iceland Air began transporting baggage staff on flights from Keflavik International Airport (KEF) to Schiphol on Friday, it wrote. NH News† For the time being, staff will travel throughout this week to unload and load passenger bags at the Dutch airport.

A spokesperson for the airline told the Icelandic news site: RUV “To do everything possible to avoid delays.” The flight attendants and flight attendants are also said to have helped expedite baggage handling.

After next week, Iceland Air will consider whether it is still necessary to send additional staff on flights to Amsterdam.

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