Lea Michele finally got the dream role, but not everyone is happy with it | show

Lea Michele finally got the dream role, but not everyone is happy with it |  show

“A dream that comes true is an understatement,” says Lea Michele, 35. Previous cheerfulThe actress replaces Penny Feldstein as Fanny Price on Broadway funny girl. This gives her the opportunity to play the role of her dream.

Lea Michele brought the happy news on Instagram. “I feel very honored to join this amazing cast and production and be back on stage to play Fanny Price. See you on September 6th.

The fact that Lea plays Fanny doesn’t come out of nowhere. From 2009 to 2015, she regularly sang songs from the musical on the hit series “Glee”. In it, Leah played the role of Rachel Berry. including songs Don’t rain on my parademy manI am the greatest star And the People have been reviewed. The actress herself and her character Rachel were really crazy funny girl. In season five, she landed the role of her dreams and ended up on the real Broadway show, so to speak.

With this role, the actress finally returned to acting after three years. Michelle has been regularly vilified for several years now. Her former classmates have opened up about her singer’s behavior on the set, and social media is also rife with negative stories of racism, selfishness and defamation.


Partly for this reason, not everyone is thrilled with the news that Lea Michele has a new role. Samantha Ware, the actress who accused Lea Michele of making her Glee life a “living hell” two years ago, appears to have criticized her former co-star by starring in Funny Girl.

The actress expressed her dissatisfaction with Lea Michele on Twitter. Yes, I’m online today. Yes, I see you all. Yes, I care. Yes, I am affected. Yes I am human. Yes, I am black. Yes, I have been abused. Yes, my dreams have been tainted. Yes, Broadway prefers white to black Yes, Hollywood does the same. Yes, silence is complicity. Yes, I’m loud. Yes, I’ll do it again,” Ware writes, an hour after it was announced that Michelle would be getting a role in Funny Girl.

Two years ago, Weir shared her experiences with the singer Michelle’s behavior on Twitter. “Do you remember when I made my first TV appearance to hell? Because I’ll never forget that. I remember you telling everyone you’d screw up with a wig if you got the chance. That was one of the things that made me question a Hollywood career,” Weir wrote at the time. .

Ware was particularly critical at the time as no one did anything to stop or remedy Lea Michele’s behavior. Two years later, Ware is not surprised that this behavior appears to be rewarded. A day after her tweets, the actress has already gotten dozens of reactions from various actors and fans who agree with her. Lea Michele herself has not posted anything else about the news.

Samantha Weir (left) and Lea Michele.

Samantha Weir (left) and Lea Michele. © Getty Images / AFP

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