I do not envy them, our princesses

I do not envy them, our princesses

I recently drove into the Alexia Tunnel in Hilversum. How crazy, I thought at the time. Tunnels, streets, squares and roads are named after you. Then you are a teenager.

I am never opposed to a touch of wistful jealousy, and am always envious of young men that they still have so many ridiculous choices. That is, in their mortgage and unemployed existence, they can figure out in peace where they want to live, where and what they want to study, what love they will accept and which they will fork out, where they will travel – and how long after that, New Zealand or France, training or going out with the camper.

They are still a kind of half-blank slate, a blank canvas, on the eve of their student life.

But there are at least three teens I don’t envy: our princesses. Yes: a golden spoon, that’s for sure, yes, all the financial means, more than enough, and yes, he grew up in a warm nest including winter sports holidays (not many kids can do winter sports), including labradors (many families don’t have Money for her food, not to mention dog food). They have loving parents who are always supportive of them and Beatrix seems like a really sweet grandmother, so no, they’re doing well, these girls, and they’re also doing well, I guess, but it all happens in that proverbial golden cage.

And in this cage anyone can look at you – and everyone looks at you. Among them are hacks, keyboard heroes who spit out more ugliness than is good for a teenager, swear words that would make even a confident adult groggy. And in the same cage as, huh, so cozy, is Yvonne Caldeweyer among us, vultures shamelessly posting private photos of Amalia while she has an Aperol Spritz in her hand.

Coldeweijer received a letter from the Government Information Service (RVD), not to do so any more, and wrote on her account: ‘I replied that I could not promise that. Our hopes are truly the same mood“.

hope. Our princesses. collective property.

Reporter Sander Pauls finally asked Ariane about her plan. She said, “Now I’m in fourth place, I’m focused on now.” And then, with the same firmness, “I will not go after my sister.”

This week it turned out more about that: She’s finishing high school in Italy. Arian colors in a small section of Tabula Rasa. I wasn’t jealous. The media went wild (THIS IS WHAT SCHOOL LOOKS LIKE! YOU WILL TAKE THESE MATERIALS!!! THIS IS HOW EXPENSIVE EDUCATION WAS!!!!!! YOU DO NOT GET ANY FAVORITE TREATMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I just think : Well done, go ahead, do it. Far from here, to a place where there is no road, no tunnel, no square, no street with your name. A place where we hope sometimes you can’t be anyone.

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