Discover high quality silver in Morocco

Discover high quality silver in Morocco

May 16, 2023 – 10:30 PM – Economics


British Aterian Plc, a mineral exploration and development company, has announced the discovery of high-quality silver at its Moroccan site in Jafra, 35 kilometers northeast of Marrakesh.

The new discovery yields 170g/t and 159g/t of silver. This is the result of the first geological explorations carried out by Al-Atria in its 29 square kilometer project in Jafra, located 35 kilometers northeast of Marrakech in the Marrakech-Safi region. “The initial results from the initial exploration at Jafra are very encouraging. They support the strong and broad potential of our portfolio of projects in Morocco,” said Chairman Charles Bray in a statement. He points out that this project demonstrates the mineral diversification of the Moroccan Atarien projects. He also says that the high silver values, along with very high lead values, are an excellent starting point for further exploration of the project.

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The Jafra project includes two licenses in the western region of Meseta in north-central Morocco, 36 km northeast of Marrakech, 35 km east of the former Roc Blanc silver mine and 32 km from the railway to the port of Casablanca.

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In addition to this project, Aterian is also involved in 14 other exploration expeditions in Morocco, mainly copper and silver projects. In total, these projects cover 762 square kilometres. The company said that the company owns a 100% stake in projects targeting copper, silver and other base metals, for which demand is increasing globally due to the trend towards electrification and its use in generating renewable energy.

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