“I danced to withdraw today from the inside”

"I danced to withdraw today from the inside"

Johan Dirksen went yesterday Today inside With an extended leg. Victim: Eva Genk. Dirksen must have known nothing about her for a while. Genk’s friend, Leonie ter Brac, sets the record straight. But the “damage” on Twitter has already been done.

Johan Dirksen had to say something about Eva Jinek, he immediately pointed out in the announcement of the program with Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp. “He’s an unreliable bastard.”

Johan Dirksen thinks Eva Genk is a ‘scary person’

„Editor for us (from today inside, ed.) ”, Derksen began, “He was present on the last broadcast of Jenk† We just stopped. Eva Jinek always throws in a few beers after the broadcast. I jumped up on stage and started dancing and shouting “We’re doing it” into a microphone. Today inside It came out of the tube pretty well after all. This kind of screaming. Then I think you’re a scary person if you do something like that. There were two witnesses.” By Johan Derricksen II meaning Ozkan Akyol, who is also a regular guest at Today inside† “I thought: Dude, are you worried about your view numbers. But not about us.”

on the return Today inside On the tube was already Dirksen middle finger to other talk shows.

leone ter brac reaction

TV maker Léonie ter Brac was also a guest at a table at Today inside He indicated that he was happy to return to the program. “I’m glad I’m back.” Lots of messages ask if they’re stalking return the candleJohann Dirksen still does, Ter Brac got. “I didn’t even think for a moment about not doing that and I think it’s good to have a woman join in every now and then.” She carried out her speech in her signature calm style, as she did later in this thread menstruation leave† Ter Brac says she adores Eva Genk. “Especially too. I can laugh as hard with few people as I can with Eva. I also think she’s being treated too harshly because she would have argued about it VI from the tube and the shepherds were forced to withdraw. If you just look at this broadcast, you’re going to sit there as a talk show host and raise the question of what people think about it and whether sponsors should pull out.”

Johann Dirksen: “I think it’s the same, this is very wrong.” Ter Brac replied: Are you serious? “Could this be the trend at that moment?” Dirksen: “Actually, there are some bad guys in the country who use that to say yes right away. To stick your ear.” Léonie ter Brac again: “I don’t think Eva is saying it has to be this way.” Dirksen: “Global positioning is actually a request for that.”

Eva Genk on social media

Was Eva Genk really jumping and screaming? we do not know, Side roads he was not there. It is clear that many Twitter users do this, because they immediately installed the RTL 4 talk show host on the platform. Johann Dirksen was based on two people from Today inside, who, according to him, was present in the last episode of the Jinek season. That was enough for people on Twitter. some examples:

There were also other opinions.

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