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I wouldn’t be surprised because of Google.
Many of the big names in the industry are ruining the market these days, and I don’t feel very comfortable with the digital world these days.
Google is looking for all kinds of new ways to collect data, but forcing a proper update policy on Android is not an option. Also remember that until 2016 they have such 20 billion dollars profit Made with Android. That’s a 70% profit on 31 billion turnover.
Donate Data -> Earn to Google -> Collect More Data -> More Earning -> enemy of the state

What other phenomena are there:

  • HDMI / HDR / USB does not guarantee the quality, it is little more than a protocol.
  • 4K is not always 4K, it can also be increased. be seen Fake 4K Resolution
  • Streaming services vary in their offerings, adjusting the compression as they see fit (giving the client the option to buffer definitely not an option?)
  • Whatsapp is probably just a matter of time before we have to switch to an alternative, like Signal, because Facebook/Meta is behind it.
  • Games often scream bloody killing because the game is riddled with bugs or leaves bugs. Pay2win’s creations, loot boxes, and DRM also remain a talking point.
  • 3.5mm connection omitted, under the guise of bluetooth more profitableto be better.
  • Smartphones don’t offer the option to expand storage with SD cards, but expanding internal storage is a 5 to 10 factor more expensive.
  • Through serial number registrations, the factory is trying to establish a monopoly in repairs (only their own materials, through their services).

And this is something that really started about 5-10 years ago and really picked up its speed in 0~5 years ago. Fortunately, the auto industry is still somewhat hesitant about disguised scams, although we’ve also seen the diesel scandal (which started to roll in the US, when it really should have been known in Europe). One of the few sports that I can still technically enjoy is photography. And even there, not everything sails smoothly, not long ago the Canon R5 suffered from overheating when recording 8K, but well, that was mainly a technical limitation.

But what I want to say: I think technology serves people, or should serve them. And this does not seem to be the case every time:

  • Standards say little or nothing about quality, even though they can.
  • Streaming services can give the customer a choice when they are busy: either watch live in lower quality, or watch in buffer. And a discount, because you don’t offer quality.
  • DRM keeps popping up in the news every now and then because it causes problems (I wonder if DRM is having the desired effect…)
  • The 3.5 mm connection does not exclude the possibility of using Bluetooth. And if those few cubic millimeters, few cents, or the belief that a smartphone wouldn’t be waterproof is a serious matter, you’re done.
  • No SD card expansion: Good. But as a manufacturer, you don’t take advantage of the mini-monopoly you create.
  • It should be prohibited that repairs can only be made by the manufacturer itself. In my opinion, car manufacturers are legally obligated to provide workshop manuals so that repairs can also be done elsewhere.

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