How is the French dream of Eric and Brigitte going now? – I’m leaving

How is the French dream of Eric and Brigitte going now?  - I'm leaving

In the broadcast on April 16, 2022, we see how Eric and Brigitte want to fulfill their dream in France. In the Dordogne, the couple bought a stately building with four luxurious guest rooms. But the renovation turned out to be more difficult and larger than expected. Did their dream come true?

Eric and Brigitte update

We have been living in Chancelade in Dordogne for almost a year now and what an adventure it has been, from the moment we decided to immigrate to France until today. Every day our dream of being a host and hostess in France is getting closer.

Our goal…

From day one we were just busy renovating. Some days it was really hard and we lost our courage but luckily one could catch the other and we kept going. After a few months, the fatigue started. We didn’t have time to give in to this because we had to move on. Fortunately, friends and family supported us.

Our goal of outfitting the rooms in December 2021 didn’t work out. We really misjudged the workload. Even with a simple job, there was always something that would make the job take longer. Finishing the first room was our first goal, but the lounge/dining room and entrance are also ready and we are proud of the result. When the sun comes up, we work in the garden.

work plan

There are certainly things that we could have dealt with better or easier. We started too early without making a business plan first. Sometimes you listen more to others than to our feelings or intuitions. We’ve learned from this and things are getting better. We’re getting more and more affordable, the second guestroom is being renovated faster and it’s almost ready. Brigitte is now occupied with her beloved place, the Conservatory. We want to finish this before May 1st and we will succeed.

We have now had a number of guests and this leaves us wanting more. How nice to give guests a pleasant stay. Interesting to hear their opinions about our rooms. Fortunately, we have received positive feedback which motivates us to continue.

Besides everything, it just makes you happier

We feel more and more at home in France. The longer we were here, the less we missed Holland. We are in regular contact with friends and family in the Netherlands and they come regularly to help us.

future dreams

In 5 years, our little rooms will be completely ready. We have four lovely guest rooms and a lovely overgrown garden with swimming pool and/or hot tub. Who knows, maybe we will give cooking workshops and maybe also buy the plot of land next to us. They are all dreams of the future, but the ideas are there.

We can say that our relationship is getting closer, we are having a great time here. Our dog Jack is the cutest and he will never leave, but raising a puppy turned out to be more difficult than we expected.

This is the life we ‚Äč‚Äčenvisioned, building something that truly belongs to us together.

Brigitte and Moyes

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