June 8, 2023

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Baldur’s Gate 3 will definitely not be officially released until sometime in 2023 – Games – News

There is absolutely no chance that a game like this will ever be released at EA, I don’t really get it. The game is not over yet, people give it a try and when the game really comes out after two or three years, the game is old and you don’t care much about it. I think EA is suitable for a certain genre, but not at all for these types of games.

What difference does that make in this case? The people who bought it at EA (not me) don’t want to worry about it anymore, maybe, but they’ve already paid the full price…so for Larian/WotC, it doesn’t matter at all, cash for cash.

In the meantime, these EA buyers are doing Larian’s free three-year QA, so with the release, I hope a lot of bugs have already been fixed. And if it was a good game at release (which I hope) then a lot of people would still buy the game, if it wasn’t a good game at release then at least they actually got the money from EA buyers.

You watch the story a lot from the customer’s point of view, but the customer doesn’t decide whether or not something will become an EA game, the creator/publisher does. And look at it from their own point of view, what works for them, what makes the most money, etc. The EA is useful to the creator, not the customer.

Also, don’t forget that Larian funded the last two PC games (and only a board game) through Kickstarter. The first Sin Original was already funded 9 years ago via KS. They didn’t do it with Baldur’s Gate (maybe something with licensees), but they still have to get 5-6 years of funding from somewhere. They may have been able to do this in part from the success of Original Sin 1 and 2, but I certainly don’t expect the full path…

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And I’m not really that much of a person, but how many people have played (outside of) Baldur’s Gate multiple times upon their release? I can remember many…so I would expect this type of player to have jumped into EA earlier and the player who wants to have the whole experience at once is waiting for the release…that gives everyone options.