Here they are: The Ten Farmers of the Twelfth Season of Farmers Looking for a Woman | to watch

Here they are: The Ten Farmers of the Twelfth Season of Farmers Looking for a Woman |  to watch

also recordings A farmer looking for a wife (KRO-NCRV) Delayed by Coronavirus. Yvonne Jaspers finally got the news tonight. These ten cultivators are eager to find love.

Robert (39), beef farmer and truck driver

Robert takes care of his father along with his father. “Yes, they are big. There is a lot of mood in him. They are not sleepy cows,” said the bald farmer with playful eyes. For Robert, his future wife might have some spice. His dates will meet an impulsive man who can be clumsy, but just as happy to cuddle His rabbit and his chicks, as well as the dreams of “youth”.

Robert © KRO / NCRV

Rob hopes to give his future wife as much love as the dandelion does. However, Rob’s heart has already been forgiven for his 8-year-old son Oliver. He has Down syndrome and lives on the farm three days a week. Rob doesn’t like it when he’s sitting alone on the sofa in the evening “with a pickle”. Bring the fun!


rob © KRO / NCRV

Gerban (30), goat farmer

Whoever chooses Gerpen also gets Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister. They make sure that their six hundred goats are as Zen as possible. The less stress, the more milk. Gerban does not like eye contact, it makes him shy. He hopes for a tough, nice girl who will understand him. His big dream: to run the farm together.


try © KRO / NCRV

Hilda (34), horse and dairy breeder

Hilda cows roam in the beautiful nature reserve Boschplaat in Terschelling in summer. You can’t keep her away from Wadden, she loves freedom. She has her own apartment, but every day at 12:00 noon she enjoys fresh mash on Mother Gertje’s farm. Hilda’s husband should choose her 200 percent, because she wants to make sure that he really chooses her and the life of the farm.


Hilda © KRO / NCRV

Rob has his own songs in his head as he picks cherries. this romantic mr. Jukebox’ wants to serve up aubades with his guitar and organize dinner, but also not go too fast. “Do not jump over the otherHe taught himself after his divorce. His 12-year-old daughter Lisa is with him every weekend.


rob © KRO / NCRV

Hans was allergic to pigs, so he switched to horses. As long as a cultivator could ignore his body creaking and shaking straw, he would continue to take care of his horses. Hans’ wife died 21 years ago after a two-year illness. Left with four children. He loves nothing more than to share his love and grief with a “friend” from now on.


Hans © KRO / NCRV

Janine (31 years old), sheep breeder

Janine also experiences absolute freedom, but then in Limburg. She hardly has time to herself, only on a Sunday afternoon. So just an ‘evening affair’. “If someone does not have the same passion for the agricultural sector, it becomes difficult. I am willing to change something, but I think it will happen naturally. Sometimes my energy is so high that I have to go back for a while.”


Janine © KRO / NCRV

Everett (58), dairy farmer

Evert has a great milking parlor: twenty cows can be milked at the same time. What the farmer misses the most is social contact. A woman who smiles at him can spend his whole day. Relax, this is the “most beautiful thing” for him.


Evert © KRO / NCRV

Joost (46), plant breeder

Jost observes the qualities of many types of houseplants with his uncle and brother. The bar is set high when it comes to plants, so he seeks peace with a woman. Just didn’t go very far, and he hadn’t been in a relationship before. He is afraid that in a few years he will be alone, in the parental home, where time has stood still.


jost © KRO / NCRV

Jock (31), dairy farmer

Jouke loves it when people go their own way and don’t care about the world. He milks his cows in the early morning and then sleeps for a few hours again. He tried a few things on a relationship level, but after his dad had a cerebral hemorrhage, he didn’t go through with it. Jouke loves to paddle from Harlingen to Terschelling and combines bath slippers and socks.


jock © KRO / NCRV

Farmer is looking for a woman dating at the start of the new year, 8.30 p.m., at NPO 1.

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