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I’ve been in games and movies for 10 years
The world works almost like this.

If the developer is already loved
Quite among the hardcore gamers who think that most developers are hardcore gamers) like Sony Santa Monica, naughty dog, Bethesda, rock star, etc.

Then you have to be careful.
They have an infinite number of talents and are known for very long hours, 12-16 hours a day 6 days a week during a crisis.

This is not always imposed from the top, it also comes from the impulse of most of those who work there, and if you work from 9 to 5, you will not feel good.
They pick the talent they want to go through with everything, and if they get burnt out or leave, they find 10 more.

It is always easy to view it as oppression and exploitation from top to bottom.
I have many naughty dog ​​friends, and they still do other things besides night dogs like youtube lessons, presentations, teaching gnomons, etc.
These guys do it partly for themselves.

But I also know the turnstile side, many friends who struggled there for 2 years and then heard complaints that they only worked 12 a day during
14 colleagues are doing.

In short, I would never work there.
But it is not as simple as exploitation.

And yes, that also means that EA, for example, offers a good work-life balance, and pays developers reasonably well.

Again as a general rule, if the company is loved by hardcore gamers, beware. vice versa.

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