February 4, 2023

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Here are all the Yankees match scenarios

althoug The Yankees lost Friday nightTheir day did not end in vain. The Mariners’ late loss to the Angels in Seattle secured the Yankees (91-69) the chance to play, at worst, their 163rd game on Monday to break the tie for second place in the MLS. Which means Gerrit Cole certainly won’t start Sunday’s game on a three-day break when their season ensures that day doesn’t end.

With two games remaining on the schedule, here’s what the Yankees need to do – or the help they need – to get through the post-season and gain the home field advantage in the October 5 game.

To host a Wild-Card game:

  1. Win both games remaining on Rays, or
  2. Win 1 match and make the Red Sox (90-70) lose at least once to the national team, or
  3. Lose both games and make the Red Sox lose both games to the Nats and the Blue Jays (89-71) to lose at least once to the Orioles.
Aaron Bon

To access Postseason as a second wildcard:

  1. Win 1 game while Red Sox wins 2 games, or
  2. Both games are lost while the Red Sox wins one and the Blue Jays and Mariners (89-71) lose at least one.

To finish a four-way tie for the two wild card spots:

  1. Lose both matches and have the Red Sox win one match and the Blue Jays and Mariners win two matches.

To finish a 3-way draw with two wild card points:

  1. Both games are lost while two of the following occur: a) the Red Sox win one; b) Blue Jays win by two; c) The sailors win two.
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To finish in a three-way tie for second place:

  1. He lost both games and took the Red Sox, Blue Jays and Mariners winning twice, giving Boston the top spot and tying the Yankees with Toronto and Seattle.

To finish a two-way tie in second place.

  1. Lose both matches, make the Red Sox win twice and either the Blue Jays or the Mariners win two.