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Konami, publisher of eFootball 2022, apologizes for the technical condition of the newly released sports game. The free game, whose franchise was formerly called Pro Evolution Soccer, is the worst rated game ever on Steam.

Konami recognizes issues with pieces, facial expressions, player movements, and ball behavior. They also say they’ve received “a lot” of feedback when it comes to how quickly a pass is awarded and how the defense works. In general, they say they are “very sorry for the situation” and that they “take all concerns seriously”. An update should follow in October, as the “quality” of the game should be improved.

from everything User Reviews On Steam, there are currently 9 percent positivity. However it is According to steam250.com steam tracker Steam is the worst rated game so far. Reviews also complain about the lack of teams in offline mode, the absence of courses and more.

Pro Evolution Soccer games have been called eFootball since last year. It started with a game that still had to be paid for, but the new 2022 version is free to play with loot boxes. The Japanese gaming company has already released free versions of its soccer games. eFootball is developed by one of Konami’s private studios.

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