Henny Huisman praises Even To Here with his simple song | to watch

Henny Huisman praises Even To Here with his simple song |  to watch

VideoFamous TV star Henny Huisman (70) gave an appropriately small tribute to here. The former show director was so impressed with BNNVara last night that he took up his pen to write a song for stars Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Woe.

Inspired by their column “A very simple song on a rather complex topic,” he honored it in about 50 seconds in a Twitter video.

Look every week when you sign up to hereHenny, who performs his song cappella, begins without the well-known “pia note”. Due to the measures of Corona, the program was not able to receive an audience in the studio yesterday, only via video communication and large screens. This is quite an achievement, because having fun in front of the screens from a location is very different from being in the audience, which is very frustrating,” says Huisman.

Henny, who caused an uproar in his prime with audio mix display and the View thumbnail, so the duo is also seen as a colleague. “These two Niels and Jeron are becoming more and more qualified, because I give you a connection to things going on, which every minute changes from lie to truth.”

Henny Huisman. © PRONOPRESS

to here withdrew yesterday 2 million viewersEven more than eight o’clock news. “Now it has exceeded 2 million viewers, most of them are excited and the rest are grumbling,” Heaney sings. I just want to say that these two are the best program [hebben] on Dutch television.

Other viewers of the tweet were full of praise for the episode, as was TV columnist Angela de Young last week. Van der Lan called Wee Heat The highlight of the weekendThey made it look so easy, but the two guys (and their team, let’s not forget) spend an entire week working on an episode. (…) They are busy 24/7: where could it be better, where it is most intense, what else to do? And you see, feel and hear it as a viewer.

Doutzen on heels

“A very simple song on a rather complex topic” wasn’t a tribute in yesterday’s broadcast. Van der Lan Wei mocked the model of Doutzen Kroes, who has repeatedly criticized Corona’s policy. According to the duo, it’s better to deal with the type of models they have years of experience with than with RIVM-like models:

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