Princess Alexia’s first day at the new school in Wales

Princess Alexia's first day at the new school in Wales

Terry says Princess Alexia’s choice to go to Wales may indicate she wants more freedom. “Queen Maxima also said in her birthday interview with Mathis van Neukirk that Alexia is a curious girl,” Maxima said. She has my own curiosity. She wants to meet new people, discover new things.”

common room

As in almost all secondary schools, an introductory week was held before the start of formal lessons. Alexia shares a room with three other girls in one of the seven apartment buildings. All students eat together in the castle dining room.

In addition to the standard courses, they can choose from several additional packages, such as individuals and society, art, science, language and literature. Like all other students, she has to volunteer and teach social skills. Sports is also a mandatory part of school. “And it’s nice to see that Alexia brought her a guitar as well, because she’s a very musical girl,” Trey knows.

selection procedure

To be accepted, each prospective student must successfully complete a number of assignments and interview. Most of her fellow students, like the princess, come from a wealthy background. Going to school here costs a lot of money: about 45,000 euros a year. Scholarships are available to those who cannot afford them.

If Alexia successfully completes the training, she will receive the ‘International Baccalaureate’. This is recognized in many countries and is comparable to a Dutch VWO diploma.

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