The outgoing cabinet ends Corona support packages | interior

The outgoing cabinet ends Corona support packages |  interior

The ministers of Koolmees (Social Affairs), Blok (Economic Affairs) and Hoekstra (Finance) announced this on Monday afternoon, according to informed sources. Before the summer, the government had already intended to end public subsidies in the fall, now that most coronavirus restrictions have been lifted and the economy is booming again. In addition, the government hopes to relax more than September 20 and, among other things, give up a distance of 1.5 meters.

Now the knot has finally been cut: After about a year and a half, tens of billions in compensation costs for wages, fixed costs and the self-employed will be over.

Nightlife, Tourism and Events

The Cabinet is still working to support specific sectors that are still affected by the Corona crisis. This concerns, for example, nightlife, tourism and events. According to sources, capital support or some form of compensation for fixed costs is being considered.

In addition, the treasury serves as a soft landing for the self-employed. They were able to receive assistance through Tozo during the Corona crisis. This will disappear with the end of the support packages, and to replace it, the government will temporarily change the regular social assistance allowance for the self-employed (Bbz).

This gives the independent worker the opportunity to ask for help after that, the testing of assets will end and it will be possible to determine the amount of assistance on a monthly basis. In fact, Bbz will operate in the same way as Tozo until the end of the year. The government still anticipates a high demand for social assistance benefits among the self-employed and hopes to accommodate it in this way.

End of Support “Deductions”

The end of the support packages is still a huge blow to many entrepreneurs, various sectors have asked for help in this newspaper last week. Tailored solutions are now being sought for them. Employers have been told they are assuming the 1.5-meter mileage will actually be released on September 20, otherwise they will still be calling for an extension of the subsidy.

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