Helen poses in lingerie for her 57th birthday and Jimmy shares her first post in a month | Displays

Helen poses in lingerie for her 57th birthday and Jimmy shares her first post in a month |  Displays

What byteShort updates from the stars on social media: We love it. In the Showbytes section, program editors search the web for the craziest, most beautiful and amazing posts of Dutch celebrities and celebrities. This article is updated throughout the day.

The turnout for Fan Club Day has been a bit disappointing so far, but Dries Roelvink Signing has already begun.

if Jan de Hoop It’s free, it doesn’t follow the news at all. Then you quickly realize that it is currently a National Meatless Week.

Presenter Tim Dunn Bestein He describes his ideal partner as someone with extra substance, a lively personality and a look that sinks your teeth into.

Maxim Hartmann He says arrogantly that his life is better than the lives of his followers. Well, one of them takes beautiful pictures, and the other can spell well.

Rumor has it that famous quality brand Beter Leven will soon get the fourth star. In this category, chickens are allowed to lay their eggs on a shoulder Reines Kross And they tell her the best jokes.

rummy battle She is photographing underwear for the first time since her pregnancy. I charged such a huge amount of money that the customer had to cancel the floor covering cleaning service.

It’s a lovely day for people who know their classics and love a little bit of language quirks. Patricia Bay and her sister Yvonne Kelly, formerly known as star Sisters, after all, in the sun

Jimmy Weiss She has posted stories since her fiancé Lil Klein was arrested for the alleged assault, but she hasn’t made any for a month. Even today. You don’t sit on a huge Tic Tac every day either.

Helen Van Ruen Extinguishes 57 candles. Pictorially at least, because it lets them burn in the moment to keep them warm.

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