Heidi d’Ancona misses her dead husband more than ever

Heidi d'Ancona misses her dead husband more than ever

On December 9, 2018, she had to say goodbye to her great love, plastic artist Aat Feldwyn. He died at the age of 84 due to a stroke. The longer he died, the more Heidi needed him. “Sometimes I think: This has been going on for long enough, now come back again,” she says in KBO PCOB magazine.

The best for the end

Heidi was 59 when she met Aate in 1997. He is 61. After not being in a relationship for six years, she has now lost out on being wanted by a man. That man became a rat. He wanted to copy Heidi and invited her as a model to his studio. The spark jumped out in full force. They had a strong relationship. Heidi was madly in love with Aat, but she was in love with a lot of love. “My life has been full of men,” she told Nouveau earlier. “I’ve always said I kept the best for last, and that’s how I feel.”

It will never happen again

After Aat’s death, Heidi said she no longer wanted a new partner. She came back to this last year in Novo: “Of course you never know…” Heidi is no longer interested in a possible new love, but with her deceased husband. The realization that she’ll never see her ‘Aatje’ again seems to have really dawned on her now, she tells KBO PCOB Magazine. “There are things that can comfort me – for example, this happened to us at a later age, or he did not have an uncured disease – but this irreversibility remains the hardest thing: he will never do a count.”

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