Derksen, Gijp and Genee reveal Marble Mania results: ‘But it still has to be streamed’ | show

Derksen, Gijp and Genee reveal Marble Mania results: 'But it still has to be streamed' |  show

Delivery Marble Mania In which Johann Derricksen, René van der Geep and Wilfried Jenny will be shown, the game will come as no surprise to my viewers. Veronica is inside. The three men, who hosted the last football talk show tonight, revealed who won tonight’s final. I won 15,000 euros.” Note: Below you can read spoilers about Marble Mania.

Bee Veronica is inside Tonight is a part of Johan Derricksen, Rene van der Jeep and Wilfried Jenny in the final of Marble Mania. Laughing, the three are standing next to Winston Gerstanovitz, somewhat surprised that they are standing in yellow, red, and blue uniforms, looking at the marble. After the part, dinner guest Hans Kray wanted to know who actually won and the gentlemen didn’t feel the need to keep it a secret.

We all won, actually,” said Dirksen. “There can only be one winner,” said Cray. Van der Gijb then revealed the full result amid loud laughter from the others. I had 10,000 euros, you (Deriksen, editor) 15,000 and you (Jane, editor) 10,000! That’s the money, but that doesn’t mean I was second.”

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Genee then explained, “That’s the point of the game. This is the final. So Johan won, she came in second and ranked third.” Then I add: “But it’s nice to say that, but it still has to be broadcast.” Delivery Marble Mania With the trio it will not be shown on SBS 6 until January 13th.

After that, Van der Gijp also revealed the rest of the match. “I didn’t have anything right.” “Either you win a game or Johan wins a game,” Jenny confirmed. Dirksen: I actually won 15,000. Then I stood with my hands in my pocket looking at a very large machine. How all those balls rolled, and that red marble came first in the hole and then I had 15,000 euros.”

The last episode of tonight’s show is Derksen, Van der Gijp and Genee Veronica is inside. The football talk show has been discontinued, but the gentlemen are moving to SBS 6 on a new daily basis. Sixth dayAs the talk show will be called, it will air every working day between 9:40 pm and 10.40 pm.

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