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To be honest, I thought all of the episodes were up to par; With some positive outliers. There was none poor delivery in; mostly in contrast with the rest. Also with those episodes I was like “Good point”, or “It doesn’t do much for me but it’s smart”, or “It didn’t do much for me but the acting was good”. And that’s the nice thing about Black Mirror; The script is good, the acting is good, the voice is good, the direction is good; It is simply assembled down the line.

My wife unfortunately doesn’t like the concept (too bold) then it’s still good to go tonight no to look. San Junipero (my favourite) thought it was “super cute”. I loved it retro with current and exciting themes, with a divine candy-candy ending, not least because of the legendary music. Clint Mansell.

So even if the concept doesn’t appeal to you, you can still enjoy it. But if you simply find a ring that is less than anything else it can still be good. It just doesn’t do it for you.

Note: I watched the teaser 3 times (usually I hardly watch teasers, certainly not more than once); I really didn’t get it. But that’s okay too. Because the puzzle element of this series is also fun.

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