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Battlefield 2042’s first season may start in March 2022 at the earliest, according to information from popular data miner Battlefield Temporyal, which found 12 weeks of pre-season content in the game’s client.

Temporyal reports on Twitter that there are weekly quests for twelve weeks “pre-season” in Battlefield 2042, VGC noted among other things. This indicates that the first official in-game season will begin in March 2022, although the data miner notes that it is also possible that DICE will add some weekly missions as a “reserve” to the game. DICE itself has not provided any details about the game’s first season yet.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 should add new content to the game. For example, the data operator reports that a new playing field is added to the game, called Exposure. Map references are found earlier, when the field of play was still known as “Ridge”. In-game quotes shared by Temporyal indicate that Exposure Stadium was damaged by a landslide. The map is in British Columbia and contains a joint US-Canada research facility.

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19 for consoles and PC. shooter received negative By the players, among other things due to errors, the system done layersPlaying with firearms and other aspects of gameplay. Developer dice pointed To address different aspects of the game in response to criticism.

On December 9, DICE released Last update for 2021, which led to improved recording of results. Then the studio indicated that it would take a break at the end of this month. DICE said it will return to the game in 2022, “on the way to season one,” but has not released any details. The company will be sharing more details about future Battlefield 2042 content and customizations in the new year.

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