He was doing a job and a bunch of police set up a checkpoint from his house. ‘


A Funeral Procession Earlier family and friends were involved in the protest yesterday Guard And this Ministry of Public Works of Tokyo, To seek justice for death Education Eric Raphael Vallesillo Lines (21 years old).

Meanwhile, police arrested six agents who attended a checkpoint on Sunday, where he died. Student.

He was training to get a bachelor’s degree Legal profession, He did not respond to a stop signal at a checkpoint, and was shot in the head when security agents shot him. TokovaA block before you get home.

As they were touring the streets yesterday afternoon, they stopped in front of the police station Ministry of Public Works There they shouted, “Justice for Eric, justice for Eric.”


The father of the young man who was killed in the tragedy on Sunday night was powerless.

“This is another crime of the state organs, it is a proud act of betrayal and benefit. They killed a child who only knew how to read and work because he was training to be a lawyer when he was 21,” the heartbroken father explained.

“He came from a job and running a block from his home Guard I was doing a checkpoint in a dark place with no lights, ”he said.

The father promised that his son would grow up under spiritual values ​​and be born with high morals and ethics, and the city of Tokyo would be called Sonagura, Cologne.

“My children are dedicated to work. We are farmers, we are traders. We are fighting to improve Honduras and create a livelihood for our families. But there are criminal gangs involved in crime, and they oppress the Honduran people,” he stressed.


According to preliminary reports, police opened fire several times on the vehicle of Valezillo, who was killed in the shooting.

Through a statement, The Public Order Military Police (BMOP) “No member at the scene Military Police, Or another unit Armed Forces It has passed maliciously. “

For its part, Directorate of Police Order Affairs (திடாட்போல்) Opened a file authority and sent a team of investigators to the area to find out if agents of the National Police were involved in the crime. Eric Raphael Valezillo Lones.

In an angry and helpless situation yesterday afternoon, family, friends and other residents Sonakura They said a final goodbye to the university student and buried him in his hometown.

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