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1. Maria Pia Leone was born in December 1986 in Lima. One for her Double And both are the youngest of four siblings. His mother is a travel agent and his father is a real estate broker. As he grew up, he left “Maria” and only the pana of his name remained.

2. I have been cooking and preparing since I was little Desserts With her mom (her favorite lemon pie). When he finished school, he announced that he wanted to be a chef for his family and would not back down: Pía did not think about another career change or wanted to be ready in another field. He graduated from Garden Blue de Lima.

3. One Accident He can limit his future: When he was a student, Pia went to Naples (Florida) to do an internship at the restaurant where her uncle worked. One day, in the apartment where she was staying, she turned on the wrong burner without realizing it was starting to heat a frying pan with oil. She had a severe burn on her arm, it almost reached the bone, and she had to spend some time in the hospital. But that did not stop her from dedicating herself to cooking.

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4. When it comes CentralIn 2008, there was only one woman on the team: she. Bana was 21 years old when he embarked on a gastronomic program commanded by chef Virgilio Martinez, who at the time was a stranger to fame. His first official position was as a cold assistant. Within a week she was in charge of the area.

5. After the first year of opening, Central will Close your doors. He had an amazing rise in the culinary scene of Peru and the world, which was reduced from one moment to the next. Leon waited, hoping the restaurant’s concept was worth the bet. They were without pay or guarantee for six months.

6. During this period, Leon and Martinez a Romantic relationship They initially kept it a secret, but soon they got in touch with the group. The couple have always been at the forefront of their relationship, and they have been together since 2010. Four years later, in 2014, Bana and Virgilio got married. In late 2015, his first son, little Cristobal, arrived, and he regularly traveled with his parents, playing gastronomic routes and often playing in the gardens around Central today.

7. In the third year of Central opening, Pia Leon The Chief Chef Of the restaurant, the position he held for almost seven years until they opened up different ideas to Baranco, intertwined with each other. Tobacco House in the district, which combines three gastronomic spaces: Central, Mayo (a bar with snacks) and Kiaol, a restaurant run by Pia Leon on the second floor.

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8 Style A hot culinary restaurant named after a small Andean tree with golden flowers growing over 3,800 meters above sea level. As in Central and Mayo, the kitchen has the products of Matter Initiative, Malena’s Center for Biological and Cultural Research. Martinez. You can order à la carte dishes and there will usually be a delicious menu.

9. Pia Leone appeared in 2021 Netflix: She did it on a series of waffles and mochi produced by Michael Obama to invite children to learn about products and cultures around the world in an entertaining way. The episode with Boa was recorded at the Matter Initiative facility in Cusco.

10. The Epidemic Central and Kajol team entered first Distribution “We had to adapt and find an immediate solution. Initially it was a difficult challenge because it was something new, but the truth is, we learned a lot. The team has been strengthened. This is an opportunity to try other things,” Lyon told Somos in 2020. All three venues are already running on room service and the experiences have been brought closer to the local audience.

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