Luma refuses to inform the Senate

During the public hearing Strategic Plans and Energy Commission In Senate Resolution 1 to examine the recruitment process LUMA energyThe president of this company, Wayne Stensby, Reiterated its position not to provide information about the company’s operating process based on confidentiality.

Senate committee chairman Stenby was asked what the reasons were for objecting to the release of information that is considered public about the company. Abonde Dolmav Information about is mentioned Distribution of employees in the company.

Stenby replied that he was in his position Confidentiality Required information, Understanding the conversations surrounding performance, the number of people and the organization of the organization is “our responsibility to protect the organization.” He argued that the contract was designed to replace the electrical system and not to provide information about employees.

Aponte Dalmau reiterated, “The people of Puerto Rico want to know if you have the quantity and equipment you need to ensure that your work organization is adequate to effectively implement this agreement … this is not an‘ issue ’the court is debating publicly … Luma for two months If he is ready then we give him five days so he can give us information that he is ready ”.

For his part, Stensby responded:My argument is that there is no Luma Prepa. He said LUMA went through a selection process and they were different from electric power. He reiterated that the discussion regarding the team was not appropriate.

The senator cites the recent decision of the Court for the Luma, which provided the necessary information to the House of Representatives and indicates that the request made in the Senate differed without elaboration. Stenby noted that they had recently learned of the court’s decision and needed to evaluate it to provide a resolution.

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Similarly, Abonte Dolmau asked if Loma complied with the Energy Bureau’s measurements, to which Stensby replied firmly. In addition, in his presentation, Stensby promised that “Puerto Ricans deserves better service than they have ever received from their power company.”

On the other hand, Ferman Fontanus, managing director of the Public-Private Partnership Commission, said the commission had not identified a breach of contract with Luma Energy and had improved the company’s performance. “We expect more.” Fontanés said: The Energy Bureau has the power to impose fines for non-compliance. Public Private Coalition Management System.

Senator Fontanes asked how they could help the Energy Bureau ensure LUMA complies with established standards. The managing director responded that they monitor the activity on a daily basis, especially in the dark, customer service centers and staff interviews. They are in constant contact with the Energy Bureau, sharing their appreciation for what is happening and finding out if anything unusual is happening.

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