Hankemoller American Webshop | Retail Profile

Hankemoller American Webshop |  Retail Profile

Hankemoller Has opened an official websiteshop in the United States. U.S. customers gain access to the entire collection of the Dutch lingerie brand.


Currently with approximately 900 stores and 15 e-commerce sites in 20 countries, the company aims to bring the message of its diversity and sustainability to the United States through its ever-evolving collections and sub-brands designed to appeal to a diverse audience. “Hancomoller has clear values, where inclusion and diversity are paramount. We believe all women should wear fashionable underwear,” said CEO Philip Mountford.

Since the eruption of the Corona crisis, Hunkemoller has accelerated its digital strategy. The brand recently launched its collection through several brand department store chains வடபுயல். According to Mountford, the results in the first few weeks were “very promising”.

In recent years, Hankemoller has collaborated with celebrities such as Lucy Hale (2021), Dowson Cross (2016 – 2020), Ducky Thought (2020) and Pamela Reef (2018) to create and promote important collections. For this year, the label has already signed several celebrities with staunch American followers.

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