Dead and wounded in a drone attack in Abu Dhabi

Dead and wounded in a drone attack in Abu Dhabi

At least three people were killed and six injured in bombings in Abu Dhabi. The police of the United Arab Emirates, the largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates, said it was believed to be a drone attack.

The two explosions set fire to three fuel trucks. There were also fatalities: two from India and one from Pakistan. The identity of the victim is unknown. Their injuries were not serious.

A site under construction near Abu Dhabi International Airport was also damaged. The damage will be fine.

military operation

Yemen’s Houthi rebels say they are responsible for the bombings. The spokesman told international news agencies that the organization had carried out a military operation “deep inside the United Arab Emirates”. The rebels say that more details will follow in the coming hours.

It is unclear whether the Houthis were actually behind the attack. In 2017, the group claimed it had launched a missile at a nuclear power plant, but the authorities denied this.

War, famine and Corona. In Yemen misery accumulates on misery. NOS op 3 made this video in 2020 about the situation in the country:

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