Gunther Steiner: “Think three races are not enough in America”

Gunther Steiner: "Think three races are not enough in America"

RabbitTeam boss Günther Steiner believes there is room for more races in America than the three scheduled races next season. There will be a third race in 2023, along with Las Vegas, Miami and Circuit of the Americas.

The aim of the three Grands Prix is ​​to achieve a different goal in each event. For example, COTA will be a traditional weekend, with Miami focusing more on celebrities and Las Vegas taking on the glitz and glamor of Monaco. Ahead of the upcoming weekend in Austin, Steiner has suggested that three races in America is still not enough.

‘Something for Everyone’

“I would say Kota is for hardcore fans,” Steiner begins. “They’ve been here for ten years now, everybody loves going there, it’s a great track, a great event and a great city. Miami Miami, we had a lot of people this year, maybe more than a lot of people, and that’s a great event too, but it’s It was completely different, it was like a big festival, I don’t know what Las Vegas will be like, but it will be big too, we always have to remember that America is a big country, and then I think three races are not really enough,” said team leader Haas. .

He looks at different factors, so he says there’s something for every fan. “I think there’s something for everyone and every event has something special. Those two have done a great job and I’m sure Las Vegas will do well,” Steiner continues.

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