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EA has released the first of four Deluxe Edition expansions of GRID Legends. The DLC includes the Classic Car-Nage mode, where players must try to demolish opponents’ cars and survive as long as possible.

The Destruction derby mode It includes four new tracks at Yokohama Docks and Havana, built specifically for this purpose. The tracks have many crossings, jumps and obstacles, which will provide the necessary chaos on the track. The Demo Derby category has also been added to the game which contains five fantasy cars. These are the Belta Frostbite, Belta Hot Rod, Jupiter Freighter, Jupiter Eagleray Mk.5, and Dumont Ute Titan. They all have an “enhanced damage model” so that the damage done is more visible.

In Classic Car-Nage game mode, all cars have a file health bar And players must survive as long as possible, to be the only one left. The mode is also available in Race Creator, which allows players to create their own races.

The DLC is the first of four expansions made available for GRID Legends Deluxe Edition. This version of the game costs 80 euros on Steam and 90 euros for consoles. The basic version of the game can also be upgraded to the Deluxe Edition for 20 euros. Players who do not have the expansion can be invited by a friend to play Classic Car-Nage multiplayer.

GRID Legends was released in February. Tweakers I posted a review at that time The game developed by Codemasters. The game puts a lot of emphasis on the Driven to Glory story mode.

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