Tragedy for the X Factor contestant: Bride dies on wedding day

Tragedy for the X Factor contestant: Bride dies on wedding day

In an Instagram post, Tom shares the terrible news with his followers. He begins with his message “I can’t believe I have to write this”. “But my dear Danny – my best friend, my everything and more, the love of my life – passed away on Saturday morning, June 18.”

“What should have been the happiest day of our lives ended with an irreversible heartbreak,” he continues. “I feel like I cried the ocean. We never got to the altar and we never had to say our vows to each other or do our first dance together. But I know you’re my world and the best thing that ever happened to me.”

In his letter, Tom Danny promises that he will wear his ring after all as a symbol of his undying love for her. What makes the situation so sad is that the two have an eight-month-old son named Boy. “I will do anything to raise Boy the way you want. I promise he will know how wonderful his mother was. I promise I will make you very proud.”

Tom is best known for his participation in the British version of x factor In 2014, he competed as one of eight members of the boy band Stereo Kicks that formed during the show. He initially auditioned, like other band members, as a solo artist.

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