2022 All-Star Ballot – First Stage First Ranking Update

2022 All-Star Ballot - First Stage First Ranking Update

Races to determine who will advance to the second stage of fan voting for Mastercard’s 2022 MLB All-Star Game are beginning to take shape.

The first round of voting will determine which two All-Star players – the top vote-taker in each league – and which players advance to the final round of fan voting for the All-Star Game, which takes place July 19 at Dodger Stadium.

Fans can fill out the 2022 Chevrolet MLB All-Star ballot up to five times in each 24-hour period until the first phase of voting ends at 2 p.m. ET on June 30. You can vote exclusively at MLB.com, on all 30 MLB club sites and on the MLB App.

The top earner with MLS and National League votes after the first stage will earn a spot in the All-Star Team’s starting line-up. Apart from these two players, the top two vote-takers at each position, and the top six players, will advance to the voting finals. If an outside player is the league’s leading vote winner, only the next four finalists will move to Stage 2 to determine who will start in the remaining two places.

At the moment, the top vote holders are Yankees players Aaron Judge in AL (1,512,368 votes) and star of Dodgers Mocky Pets in NL (1,446,050 votes).

Here’s a look at current All-Star earnings, position by position, for the AL and NL.

first rule
1. Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., Blue Jays: 947,045 votes
2. Ty France, Mariners: 596,030
3. Anthony Rizzo, Yankees: 445683
4. Louis Araz, twins: 307442
5. Yuli Gouriel, Astros: 204164
full results

The Blue Jays have someone in the top three in every position on the ballot except for the DH, and Vlad Jr. is the first of four Toronto players who will be in line to start the All-Star game if voting ends today. France is looking for his first All-Star gesture, and Rizzo could make his AL team debut after three All-Star seasons with the Cubs.

second rule
1. Jose Altove, Astros: 710708
2. Santiago Espinal, Blue Jays: 522154
3. Andrés Giménez, Guardians: 514,982
4. Jaliber Torres, Yankees: 379095
5. Trevor Storey, Red Sox: 320262
full results

The Tuff (12 home games, 144 .) OPS +) could make his eighth All-Star team with the Astros, but Giménez (batting average 302, 140 OPS+) and versatile Espinal aren’t too far off as they look for their first All-Star nods. Follow the story in his new position with the Red Sox.

This is a tight race between two of AL’s top hitters this season, with Devers and Ramírez separated by just over 16,000 votes. Devers hits .330 with 16 home runs and leads the Major Leagues in hitters with 89. Ramirez hits .305 with 16 Homer and 62 RBI major AL.

1. Bo Bichette, Blue Jays: 585.744
2. Tim Anderson, White Sox: 528278
3. Xander Bogarts, Red Sox: 525202
4. Jeremy Peña, Astros: 271,640
5. Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Yankees: 187,755
full results

The AL Shortstop race is wide open, with the top three separated by just 2% of the vote (Bichette has 19%, Anderson and Bogaerts have 17% each). Bichette, Anderson and Bogaerts make up the 2021 All-Star Team, with Bogaerts taking the lead.

the outside
1. Aaron Judge, Yankees: 1512368
2. Mike Trout, Angels: 1,295,854
3. George Springer, Blue Jays: 622063
4. Giancarlo Stanton, Yankees: 504.537
5. Taylor Ward, Angels: 497361
6. Byron Buxton, Twins: 403,050
7. Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Blue Jays: 381,591
8. Tuscar Hernandez, Blue Jays: 374226
9. Michael Brantley, Astros: 287284
10. Kyle Tucker, Astros: 251948
full results

It’s no surprise to see Judge and 25 MLB home games lead the vote in AL outfield — he’s the overall vote-taker on the entire poll right now, with over 1.5 million votes cast. It’s also no surprise to see Trout, looking for a tenth All-Star nod, right behind him. There are also some interesting names at the bottom of the poll, such as Trout’s breakout teammate Ward (180 OPS+) and hot Buxton (19 home runs), who is looking to make his first All-Star team.

1. Alejandro Kirk, Blue Jays: 1,057,008
2. Jose Trevino, Yankees: 387983
3. Salvador Perez, Royal Family: 266604
4. Martín Maldonado, Astros: 231,005
5. Christian Vasquez, Red Sox: 199,010
full results

Kirk is a fun name to be seen at the top of the AL catcher vote – and he has 35% of the vote against 13% for Trevino, the biggest advance of any All-Star candidate. A fan favorite, it deserves its place, too. Kirk tops all catchers with a hitting average of 307 and leads the AL catcher with 2.2 fwar.

Alvarez leads a two-way star Ohtani thanks to his elite racket – the Astros hits DH 0.311 with 18 home runs and 1,026 OPS. Ohtani has 13 home runs, seven stolen bases and 37 RBIs, while third-placed Martinez hits 0.335 with 23 doubles. It’s also great to see Miggy’s name appear in the top five in his 20th season in the major leagues.

first rule
1. Paul Goldschmidt, Cardinals: 930441 votes
2. Pete Alonso, Mets: 602321
3. Freddy Freeman, Dodgers: 469197
4. Matt Olson, Braves: 403.514
5. Eric Hosmer, Padres, 147.019
full results

Goldschmidt had six consecutive All-Star picks with D-backs from 2013-18, but he’s still looking for his first nod as a member of the Cardinals. He’s on track to get it this year, leading the NL on average (.339) and base percentage (.417) and ranking second in the NL with 0.614. He is ahead of Alonso, the Premier League leader (19) and MLB leader in the RBIs (64), with Freeman and Olson, the man who replaced him at first base in Atlanta, in the near race to break the top three.

second rule
1. Jazz Chisholm Jr., Marlins: 634.762
2. Ozzie Albies, Braves: 589804
3. Jeff McNeill Mets: 580257
4. Gavin Locks, Dodgers: 256.411
5. Nolan Gorman, Cardinals: 214383
full results

Chisholm is one of the stars of 2022, having produced 13 Homer, 11 Robbery and 131 OPS+. He’s vying for the All-Star selection for the first time in his career, and he’s slightly ahead of the vote over the Albies, who recently fell with a broken foot, and McNeil, who had a solid rebound season with the Mets, scoring .327 with four Homers and a 143 OPS+.

third rule
1. Mane Machado, Padres: 969,582
2. Nolan Arenado, Cardinals: 581,363
3. Austin Riley, Brave: 557220
4. Justin Turner, Dodgers: 254057
5. Eduardo Escobar, Mets: 234,079
full results

Machado and Arenado are no strangers to the All-Star Games, with 11 picks between them and the Arenado that started in the NL a year ago. Machado was knocked out of Sunday’s game with a left ankle injury, but he appears to have avoided a major injury, which is certainly good news for Padres. The 29-year-old slashed the .328/.400/.545 slash with 12 people in his first 66 games. Riley runs close to the Arenado (13 homers, 141 OPS+), who followed last year’s breakout with an excellent start into 2022 (18 homers, 127 OPS+) as he seeks an All-Star nod for the first time.

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1. Tria Turner, Dodgers: 811,839
2. Dansby Swanson, Braves: 599251
3. Francisco Lindor, Mets: 521489
4. Tommy Adman, Cardinals: 277.699
5. Fernando Tates Jr., Padres: 165,074
full results

With Tatis, last year’s starter for the NL All-Star team, racked with a broken left wrist, we could have a debut in short order in this year’s NL. Recording .301 with nine players and 14 steals in 65 games, Turner is the current leader, followed by a pair of short NL East stops at Swanson and Lindor.

the outside
1. Mookie Betts, Dodgers: 1,446,050
2. Ronald Acuña Jr., Braves: 563398 1
3. Jock Pederson, Giants: 630.584
4. Starling Mart, Mets: 469344
5. Juan Soto Citizens: 451.079
6. Adam Duvall, Brave: 332387
7. Mark Kanha Mets: 320910
8. Marcell Ozuna, Braves: 303,945
9. Cody Bellinger, Dodgers: 301121
10. Harrison Bader, Cardinals: 256126
full results

Bates is the leading vote-taker in NL, with nearly 1.5 million votes, which would put him in the sixth place in the All-Star Game in the past seven seasons. But Acuña is sexy on his tail, who never missed a moment after returning to the world champion at the end of April. Elsewhere on the ballot, Pederson is looking for his first All-Star pick since his rookie season with the Dodgers in 2015, and Marte and Canha are vying for a spot.

1. Wilson Contreras, Cubs: 801630
2. Travis d’Arnaud, Braves: 471,921
3. Yadir Molina, Cardinals: 454,685
4. Tyler Stevenson Reds: 370,453
5. Will Smith, Dodgers: 323894
full results

Contreras leads all MLB players with 12 home runs, bested only by his younger brother William’s .987 0.917 OPS (William on the DH’s All-Star poll is second in the vote). Veteran Molina, turning 40 just before the All-Star Game, is seeking the No. 11 career nod.

designated hitter
1. Brice Harper, Phillies: 1.059433
2. William Contreras, Braves: 584,630
3. Albert Pujols, Cardinals: 344248
4. Max Munsey, The Dodgers: 189,643
5. J.D. Davis, Mets: 134.569
full results

The NL MVP leads the DH race by a wide margin and is the only NL player along with Betts and Acuña with over 1 million votes. Harper hits 326 with 15 home runs and 1,013 OPS this season. But what if the Pujols could make it to one more Midsummer Classic as the Cardinal, the team he represented in nine of the 10 All-Star games?

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