Grease is one piece of power, except for one actor: the male lead Displays

Grease is one piece of power, except for one actor: the male lead  Displays

reviewThe female lead in the revamped musical fatDanik Granogust, in honor of Olivia Newton-John with beautiful singing and playing. It is a pity that her male opponent, Tristan van der Lengen, is unable to shake his shyness.

Greased Lightnin’, almost literally before a movie premiere fat At the Amsterdam DeLaMar Theatre. A fuse box breaks, technicians desperately try to fix things, and producer Albert Verlind climbs the stage three times (and each time with more beads of sweat on his forehead) to explain the situation.

With a delay of more than 45 minutes, the performance still begins. Some decor boards are still unwilling, but they should and they will be turned on. Verlind notes that his team had to conserve energy the whole time and the only conclusion is that the young group of actors and dancers pulled it off very well. As if Verlind personally put them on a diet of cotton candy and Red Bull for a month, this group is very active.

The only exception is Danny, the male lead, played by Tristen van der Lingen. Of course, as the toughest of all strongmen, he should look great, with inseparable lightness and comb, but he doesn’t play naturally. Male Winner of TV Talent Show I’m looking for Danny and Sandy I listened closely to director Servé Hermans. Every movement of his hand through his hair, every raised corner of his mouth, every time he straightens his leather jacket, Van der Lingen closely follows the script and stage directions, without any spontaneity. His rivals’ hormones fly around him, but even when he’s with Sandy (Daniek Granogust), Danny doesn’t give that impression that he really loves her.

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Danique Graanoogst and Tristan van der Lingen in Grease © Pronoprice

Tribute to Olivia Newton-John

No, then harvest the grain. So she emerged as the winner of the TV show Sing and Act as a worthy tribute to Olivia Newton-John, who died last year, who played Sandy in the hit movie version of fat. Her voice has an edge, a sigh, which comes across so nicely in the Dutch version of Hopelessley’s Dedicated to You.

The fun of the cast is great and the way the two most experienced actors (Marjolene Two as Miss Lynch and William Spage as Vince Fontaine) take on the puppies. The texts and songs have been updated, although here and there the creators forgot about it. because fat It should of course also attract a younger audience to the theaters, who have no idea who Doris Day is anymore – and whose name pops up a few times on Sandy’s craving transformation from Wallflower to femme fatale.

Also thoroughly contemporary: female and male cheerleaders in the group and boys and girls fiddling with the Greased Lightnin’ car in the workshop. Ergo: Everyone should be able to be everything. This is absolutely true of course, but decision makers make a rigorous and cartoonish exception. Jean (played by Maxime Carsten), the slightly more assertive character, is constantly preoccupied with eating. From the opening scene, where she immediately claims the leftovers Sandy left behind. Later in the show, she grabs another chocolate bar from her bra, of course standing in the lead when a cart of pastries is pushed into a party and dancing around with two donuts on her index fingers.

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Everyone should be able to be anything, except for someone who is a little stronger: that person is above all else a candy ass.

Grease Cast with Tristan van der Lingen, Danik Granogost, William Spieg, Marjolene Two, and Albert Verlind
Grease Cast with Tristan van der Lingen, Danik Granogost, William Spieg, Marjolene Two, and Albert Verlind © Pronoprice

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