Mum ‘afraid’ of her son-in-law Denise in HMMIK: ‘a blunt jerk’

Mum 'afraid' of her son-in-law Denise in HMMIK: 'a blunt jerk'

Fede and Dennis bought Fede’s parents’ house five years ago. A special home for her, because she was born and raised here. But it also creates tensions. Tensions ran so high that the couple and their two children were in ruins for years. The children’s rooms are not ready yet, so the children sleep in the mother’s bed, while the father spends the nights in the guest room. Plus, things don’t really get along between Dennis and his mother-in-law. Is it equally bad, if your husband’s parents live literally on the corner.

John quickly places his finger on the sore spot. “I don’t think a lot of people say, ‘Nice man, it’s nice to live next door to my husband’s parents, great,'” he says in a conversation with the feds asking for help. She cautiously agrees, after which her mother, Marliese, is called. She indicates that she’s scared of Denise. “It can sound very rude. I think I’m the cause of the necessary tension. (…) We are emotional people. Dennis has nothing to do with it.”

Fedi is clearly embarrassed by her mother’s harsh words about her partner. “Mom…” she says. But Mom continues, “I think if you honestly ask Denise: What do you find hardest? That’s who I am. That’s where the tension really lies. You want to say no, but I really think so.”

Moments later, Dennis entered the room. “Dear mother-in-law,” he says, after which the embarrassed laughter of Fedi and Marlies shows that these words do not often hear from his mouth. “Oh, that doesn’t happen often?” John asks. “Yes, sometimes,” Marlies says. “Sometimes not,” adds Denise. “It mostly depends on me.” Marlies agrees with her son-in-law: “I just said: It’s my fault, too. I’m hypersensitive and you can do ‘bam’ like that. Then I’m scared to death. You know it. Then I’m holy.”

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“No, dude,” Dennis snorts. “Yeah, you’re so cute now…” Marlies says cautiously. “I’m kind and gentle,” Dennis concludes. “Things always work out, right, even if we have a thing sometimes?” A little later, Denise’s figure was also emphasized by Fedi’s sister. “He’s just a rude asshole,” she says. “I know he needs a kick in the ass every now and then.”

After a week in which Denise’s “brusque” personality, who turns out to be a useful builder, comes to the fore. Things are not going smoothly between him and John’s skilled team. Something with heaters and a roof going… Dennis also comes out of the corner with John at one point. When the presenter wants to point out the missing intimacy between the spouses, he bites Denis. “You’ve said it to me three times now and I know it now. It’s over now.”

John is of course used to it from the proud amateur craftsmen and sees no harm in Denise. But he said to Fede, “You dance around him like he’s a dude.” Denise thinks she should also be straightforward in her lines. “You really have to set those boundaries, honey, you just have to tell me.”

As always, all is well and it ends well at the end of an episode Help my husband is a master!. Fede was pleasantly surprised by the result. The couple proudly shows the room to their 1.5-year-old son. “Well done, you two together,” John compliments the couple. Finally, the presenter concludes: “The spark is burning. There is still some tension in the air …”

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RTL Boulevard spoke to John Williams about hmmikCandidates and their implications, which the presenter still feels amazed:

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