Gordon is angry now that he is not allowed to go to Dubai: ‘The world has gone crazy’ | stars

Gordon is angry now that he is not allowed to go to Dubai: 'The world has gone crazy' |  stars

This is while he just wanted to go to Dubai, he said on Instagram. “Well, despite extensive testing, we can’t come to Dubai on both Emirates and KLM. Another week in the rain. Totally ridiculous, this panic with this k*t virus! Make it cozy at home! The world has gone crazy! , Oh really! “

His publication could not count on much sympathy from his followers. “Ah, now the world has gone crazy? Because it will hit you at once?” And: “Yes, too bad, we are also in the rain and there is no view of Dubai at all, grafted and everything, how sad.” Another offer to trade with: “Give me my grief and my grief! My son died on April 12th of a malignant brain tumor at the age of 9! He never complained!” Many people point out to him that others are suffering worse from it.

A few defended Gordon and spoke of “comparing apples to oranges” or “lemon eaters”. “And let’s all go. You never get it right.”

By the way, after his sweaty appearance in the final show of K2 looking for K3 I wondered why Gordon wasn’t in quarantine like the other South African travelers. But in Show news His colleagues at SBS already made it clear on Sunday evening that he was in the Netherlands just in time not to have to quarantine. They also noted that he is constantly auditioned for all of his television work.

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