Column 45: “I made fun of a date with a celebrity” | Columns and view

Column 45: "I made fun of a date with a celebrity" |  Columns and view

I haven’t met my friends on my Instagram timeline for a long time, the algorithm is very down. Who do I max out for all celebrities, vloggers and other likenessesCelebrities make fun of the many juice channels I follow. No idea what my acquaintance is planning, but I don’t miss any Dutch celebrity. All I have to do is open my app or I will become a file rabbit hole Full of juice And the dirt drawn in. I never would have imagined that dirty laundry would suddenly also affect my private life…


On Monday evening, I curled up on the sofa browsing through some stories, when I suddenly spotted a familiar one among many exciting updates. No, I’m not a Dutch celebrity, not a YouTuber or an Instaqueen, I just found out about my date a week ago!

We met a couple of weeks ago at a small neighborhood festival. His name was David. Suddenly he was right in front of me and before I knew it I had given him my phone number. I hadn’t come home from the festival that same night when he actually called me for an appointment. Pour Casanova sang. This guy didn’t beat the bush, delicious!

love bombardment

We actually had dinner one evening, and he kissed me and we’ve been in contact nonstop for two weeks now. My day began and ended with David and not an hour passed when he didn’t speak. love bombardment It’s called in the dating world, I think. You overwhelm someone with love and attention and then disappear overnight. But even though I knew how it would (could) end, I got along well with him in secret. Until I suddenly saw David in a story from my favorite juice channel.

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double expose

Was there seduces a famous lady at a pool party. Like he did to me. However, the lady in question was too busy and was dragged through the mud by the canal. She’s been cheating for quite some time and this video will now be the first proof of that. However, along with smuggling practices, David’s pranks also came to the fore. He texted me less than an hour ago, from the same party. Double Show So. You might think this is very exciting, but this wasn’t the kind of gossip I was looking for.

around & out

I decided to quit my dating tactics myself and chose – for a change – to disappear from day to day by myself. I didn’t need his side of the story. The evidence was as clear as the record. I could see that with the rest of Holland. At the same time with his number, I deleted the Instagram app. She was just as beautiful. Let me call some friends (after all, I have juice to report!).

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