Blizzard will stop selling loot boxes in Overwatch this month – Gaming – News

No, because everything that was in the loot boxes came back later, at a reduced “price” in the case of special events. If you miss skins during certain events, you know that you can definitely unlock them in the same event a year later, both via loot chests and via in-game currency.

If you really want to unlock everything as a new player, yes, it takes a lot of work, not too crazy with 6 years of content, but whoever plays the game regularly collects enough cosmetic items and points to finally unlock everything. The point is that you can leave the lootbox skins for what they are for a year, to buy skins for another year with your accumulated game currency.

The current FOMO is only in challenges which in many cases are only valid for one week, but these skins don’t appear in loot boxes at all, even during that specific week.

Now fomo is introduced where you “have” to play to get value for money, because otherwise you can only unlock items via the paid store. So players/collectors are encouraged to buy the season pass and play enough, otherwise it will be much more expensive. Big difference with “I’ll wait a year” and not have to spend a single euro.

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