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Google is launching two new streaming features for Stadia, including Party Stream. This feature allows users to start broadcasting and share it with up to nine others. Previously, Stadia only allowed users to stream using YouTube Live.

With Party Stream, users can create a group with a total of ten users, where participants can start streams themselves or view other participants’ streams. There can be one broadcast and nine viewers, or say five viewers and five viewers, According to Google According to XDA Developers.

Banners receive a notification in Party Stream when participants watch the stream or leave a message in the chat. All Party Stream participants can see this chat. Party Stream also supports voice chat. Party Stream will be available to all users in the coming days and will be available through the desktop and Android browser version.

In addition to Party Stream, users who stream through YouTube will have the option to switch games or devices while streaming. Previously, live streamers had to start a new broadcast with every game or device switch. YouTube URLs have been linked to that game. So, if a broadcaster wants to play a different game, they should start a new broadcast and share that new URL with their followers.

After the update, when you switch to a new game or another device, streaming devices will see a Resume Live button, while the broadcast continues. This way, viewers don’t have to switch to a new stream and the stream keeps viewers. All Stadia users are expected to get Resume Livestream within a week.

What does Party Stream look like to a viewer (left) and what does Party Stream look like to a streaming device

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