Battling Patriots attack in training camp

New England Patriots Training Camp

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The departure of long-time Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels this season has led to coach Bill Belichick changing the team’s offensive system, with former defensive coach Matt Patricia now calling for offensive play. So far in training camp, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Reporters at the Patriots camp site described an ugly set of errors and misunderstandings, and Monday’s practices appeared to be the worst yet.

As Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal described it, “We’ve seen Crime appears routinely disjointed Where the new offensive coaching staff tries to install a new offense.”

Words like “disorganization” and “confusion” have been used by reporters at the Patriots camp to describe how the Patriots’ offensive players seem to pick up on the new offense.

In Monday’s training, the Patriots’ first four attacking strikes consisted of a false start through an offensive tackle Trent Brownfollowed by running backwards Damian Harris Getting stuffing in the line of melee, followed by a lack of miscommunication between Mac Jones And the Nelson Agulurfollowed by a bag.

Sacks, of course, don’t really happen in training camp because quarterbacks are off limits, but coaches lose play when a defensive player sacks a quarterback, and those plays were common in the Patriots camp. Jones rarely has much time to throw because the Patriots defensive line dominates the offensive line.

There is still over a month left before the season starts, and all the kinks may have been resolved by then. But early reports indicate that the new Patriot attack is in rough shape.

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