Famous Republicans Respond To The Search Of Donald Trump’s Home | Currently

Famous Republicans Respond To The Search Of Donald Trump's Home |  Currently

Many prominent Republicans and conservatives in the United States reacted indignantly to… Searching for a home With former US President Donald Trump. The FBI raided there over documents that Trump may have taken with him after leaving the White House.

Florida House of Representatives politician Anthony Sabatini wants to “amend the law,” he wrote on Tuesday Twitter. His reaction is the most extreme after the news about the search. Sabatini also wants to “cut all ties with the Department of Justice immediately.”

“I’ve seen enough,” House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy wrote in a statement. tweet. The Ministry of Justice has reached an unacceptable state of armed politicization.”

McCarthy hinted at the possibility of a congressional investigation into Attorney General Merrick Garland. That should happen if Republicans take control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. Attorney General Garland, please save your documents and clear your calendar.

Well-known right-wing figures also interact outside politics. on me Fox News Host Jesse Watters described the search for Trump’s home as “crazy.” He also called for the firing of FBI Director Christopher Wray for being “corrupt.”

“For the first time in more than 150 years, there is suddenly a very real danger of violent political instability in this country,” wrote Joel Pollack, editor of the Right-wing Mediator. Breitbart Newson me Twitter.

Trump allegedly tore up important documents

FBI agents searched Trump’s home in Florida, it turns out overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Unidentified sources said the raid would be linked to documents Trump carried with him after he left the White House New York times. They will be fifteen chests containing, among other things, classified documents.

writes too New York times That Trump has been known to shred official documents when they should have gone to the government archives.

The former president delayed handing over the funds to the government archives for months. He only did it when he was threatened with action. The FBI would like to verify whether Trump actually handed over all the boxes.

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