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Google will provide Nest thermostats with Matter support. It only concerns thermostats released after 2020. Thus, the devices are compatible with, among other things, Homekit from Apple. Currently, there are only a few devices that support Matter.

Google Writes on the support page This issue has compatibility with Nest thermostats coming soon. It is installed with a software update. This does not happen immediately for every user. Google talks about “the coming weeks”.

According to Google, the update only applies to Nest devices released in 2020. However, there are also several older thermostats that are more widespread, such as the Nest 3rd Generation and Thermostat E that are particularly popular in Europe. Google previously indicated that “Nest thermostats” would receive the Matter update, but the company didn’t mention specific models at the time.

Google announced on the same support page last year that it would be bringing Matter to more Android devices and smart home devices. Other Nest devices, including the Mini, Audio, and Hub, have already received the standard. Thermostats can now not act as a hub, but can be controlled via a material device. This can also be devices such as those with the Apple Homekit.

Matter is a global smart home standard that many technology companies are working on. Tweaker wrote a background article about this new standard last year.

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