Google: Many phones with Samsung modems are not well protected from hackers

Google: Many phones with Samsung modems are not well protected from hackers
international•Mar 17 ’23 14:00author: AP

Hackers can take over many cell phones from Samsung, Google and Vivo, among others – that use Samsung modems. The same applies to the cars you use. Google researchers say hackers only need to know the device’s phone number.

The issues have already been fixed by Google with a recent security update for Pixel phones. Samsung itself will have to provide a software update for devices that use the modem. Popular Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy A53, and A33 devices, among others, are not properly protected from hackers. The Chinese company Vivo also sells several modem-enabled devices and therefore they must come up with a solution to the problem.


These are the so-called Exynos modems. Eighteen vulnerabilities were found at the end of last year and the beginning of this year that were not known until then. Four of these issues allow hackers to gain access to phones. Google researchers expect that hackers can quickly find a way to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Users of affected devices can make calls themselves over WiFi and turn off Voice-over-LTE. In this way, vulnerability issues are resolved, but users lose device functionality.

People walk past an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone in a subway station in Seoul. (ANP/AFP/Jung Yeon-je)
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