Google introduces the Beta Nearby Share app for Windows

Now I don’t see any reasons to use this between my PC and phone. I use the Microsoft Phone Link app with the Fold2 in particular to receive notifications and sync the clipboard (to copy/paste text etc., which works very quickly and well). I can also see and transfer all my local photos via here (and even more functionality like using apps and turning on/seeing your phone screen).

Sharing photos/videos manually isn’t necessary anymore anyway, as I simply manage everything via Google Photos and sync automatically. I also no longer see a use case for file sharing, since I automatically sync my home folder and desktop across both OneDrive and Google Drive. With gigabit up/down speeds at home, I have almost instant access to everything between my phone and PC, without having to manually share it.

Sending files from my computer to someone else’s phone or vice versa never happened in my case when I think back. This would be the only use case, which never occurred to me.

There are probably reasons why others would use it, but for me it simply became unnecessary because of what I sketch above.

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