WiZ expands smart lighting with table and ceiling lamps – picture and sound – news

Signify announces eight new products from WiZ, including new table and ceiling lights, spotlights, and an A60 model. In addition, a smart plug with a power meter will appear under the brand name WiZ.

Two new WiZ table lamps appear: a new Hero model and a Squire. The second generation WiZ Hero is a colorful, easy-to-move light bulb that measures 15 x 15 cm and is 15.8 cm high. The app can be set to run slowly in the morning and off in the evening. The flashlight can also be turned on and off by clicking on it. Square is a slightly smaller version with a sloping top and dual lighting zones.

For the ceilings, the white adjustable ceiling, Adria Daylight Dimmable and Adria Warm Dimmable lamps appear. These are dimmable via app and voice control. WiZ also releases new color and white spots that the user can focus on, for example, in his office. In addition, the A60 pear appears with tinted glass, and the white tones can be adjusted from warm to cool.

last but not least WiZ brings New smart plug with built-in power meter. all products in show It will be available from September 1 with the exception of the Smart Plug, which will appear on October 1. WiZ products work over WiFi and Bluetooth and can be operated via the companion app, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. Signify, manufacturer of Philips Hue products, has acquired WiZ In 2019 more.

WiZ . product price
full color Champion Gen2 50 euro
Full color double zone box 55 EUR
Adjustable white roof €54, – (14 W), € 64, – (16 W)
Adria Cozy or Dimmable Daylight Ceiling 27 EUR
Full color based on spots €40, – (1x), €70, – (2x) €100, – (3x)
White adjustable based on spots 33 euros, – (1x), 60 euros, – (2x) 90 euros, – (3x)
frosted glass bulb 14 EUR
Type E smart plug with power meter 20 EUR
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