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Google will be supporting the first generation of Nest Cam Indoor security cameras in the Google Home app, which was released in 2015. These devices should be manageable in the Public Preview version of the smart home app between now and a few weeks.

Until now, users had to use the Nest app to set up, manage, and control the first Google Nest Indoor remotely. Now he must do it Made it possible to port the first-generation Nest security camera into the Google Home app, if using a Public Preview version of the latter. A pop-up window should appear in it in which the camera can be moved. Google warns that it could take several weeks for every public preview user using an eight-year-old camera to see the pop-up. It is not known when this option will become available to all users.

The Home app acts as a replacement for the Nest app. New Nest devices can already only be used with the Home app, but many older Google smart home products can only be used with the Nest app at this time. a company promised earlier Eventually all Nest devices should be controlled via the Home app, including products like smoke detectors and thermostats. However, it is still not clear when exactly that should happen. And after Nest Indoor is ported to all users, Nest Outdoor will be next, according to Google.

When users bring their camera home, it can no longer be triggered through the Google Nest app. However, users can still undo the transfer. Google says that for now, the Google Nest app will remain usable.

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In addition, the tech giant wrote that “later this year” it will be possible to manually create clips from Nest Cam photos in the Home app. The cut images can then be downloaded. This functionality was already available in the Nest app, but in the Google Home app, clips can currently only be created automatically from camera recordings.

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