Google fined $32.5 million for Sonos patent infringement

It would be pretty crazy if you got a fine from the FCC because someone in the US imported your smart plug and your product doesn’t meet radiation standards. It’s the same here.

Kimdotcom and Julian Assange disagree with you. Nor does it apply to Piratenbay, and in fact it applies to all art groups that have no financial interests in the matter. Please note, there is a reason why there are two concepts, hardware and software. those things are not (Read: no) are closely related and, moreover, must be grouped; software activity.

In the current geopolitical sentiment, and with the dominance of MS, Apple and Google, managing it is already more complicated.

They just need to completely demolish Microsoft, Apple and Google, just like AT&T then without the baby bells. Hence chasing the consequences of every decision they made to hell. Part of data science so better AI can thrive.

These corporations are viruses, of a parasite offshoot, and have done so much damage to people and the planet in 30 years that it is almost impossible to classify them.

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