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The Windows Subsystem for Android is getting an update that enables file sharing between Windows and Android apps. Well be Drag and drop And share files using the clipboard.

Users can after this update Share only their home folder, which is named after the user account and contains folders such as Documents and Pictures. Sharing is enabled by default for users of this Android functionality preview. However, Android apps must have permission to browse folders in the system, and they must also have it on Android phones. Shared folders appear under /sdcard/Windows/.

In addition, it is possible to drag a file into an Android app or drag and drop. This can be done using applications that “support file sharing”. If the application supports it, it can also read a file in the clipboard. Sharing clipboard text with Android app was already possible.

At the time of writing, this update is only relevant for Belgian users. In Belgium, it is the Windows Subsystem for Android and the Amazon Appstore for Windows available. It is not known when users in the Netherlands will get it.

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