Google enables continuous testing for Log4j vulnerabilities using OSS-Fuzz – Computer – News

Of course, Goolge also has a vested interest in a more secure web which is a web that more people want to use. They are also undoubtedly using this library themselves, so in that regard they will also enjoy it if these kinds of problems no longer occur.

But that doesn’t change the fact that with their security teams and the many tools they provide for free, Google does a lot in the area of ​​security that does little or no good for them (at least not right away). Indirectly, if for any reason people or companies collectively decide that the Internet is not secure enough and therefore will stop using it, then Google will have a very big problem.
The company is a producer of the Internet and cannot exist without it, so of course it is necessary for the company that the Internet is as secure as possible and that it is used by as many people as possible.
All projects implemented by Google are aimed at increasing the user base or expanding services for the user base. A project like the Internet to the world by balloons or, for example, creating your own fiber for your home network in areas where it is difficult or impossible to get the Internet not only because Google wants to help humanity more (which is a nice side effect). Useful for investors and the like) but also ensures that the user base can continue to grow.

Better to wonder who else should be doing this kind of thing? If it’s not a super browser, who has the resources to write something like that and keep it available to hundreds if not thousands of projects constantly scanning billions of lines of code for any bugs that can be exploited?
If it was a smaller company, the costs of hosting the solution and developing the technology needed would simply be prohibitive. It’s also the big question whether small businesses have and can keep enough people with enough knowledge to write and maintain this type of software for many years if not decades…
I think that outside of the Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft regions of this planet, there are a few other companies that can save the cost and effort of setting up and running these kinds of projects, maybe forever.

It’s fine to say yes but Google doesn’t do it entirely out of goodness from the heart but the flip side is that no one does it. Thus, it is not purely propaganda that is what Google is hoping to achieve with this, but it also really contributes to the development of many projects that Google may or may not use as well.

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