Success costs Maan’s relationship with friends: ‘They were in the bar’

Success costs Maan's relationship with friends: 'They were in the bar'

It’s not that the singer was never at home before Corona, but when she was free, her friends often studied. “If I had a show somewhere, they were at a bar,” the 24-year-old explains in the magazine. Because of her empty agenda, there was suddenly time for sleep, movie nights and parties.

“I realized that friendships and family are the most valuable in my life. And that my friends are the building blocks of everything I do besides that,” says Maan. “I’ve been living with one of my best friends since this year. Before we all settled down, I wanted to experience some kind of student life again.”

This is good. They eat, cook and – not that important – drink a lot together and there’s a house party every week. “I’m enjoying it for a while before I get back to work,” he shares voiceInterview winner.

So what should you deal with? With training to fulfill her big dream: her first solo show at the Ziggo Dome – which she’s already nervous about. However, she is not afraid to make blunders on stage: “In every show I sing the wrong tune. Or I stumble on something. I don’t mind, that makes it human. Recently I forgot my words. I looked at my fans in the front and shouted if they wanted to help me. They started All of us sing very loudly. That was great.”

Maan is busy with this: she and Typhoon will also train talents in the new season of Holland sound. The rapper and singer, winner of the talent show in 2016, gives a second chance to candidates who have lost weight.

You can now read the full interview with Maan in the latest version of & C . Magazine.

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