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As a Microsoft user from the start: Please stay away from that Teams brutality. Everything about this app is broken by design.

Sign in with multiple Microsoft accounts on one PC? It performs three attempts and two account switches simultaneously. Don’t forget to uncheck “My organization can manage my computer” once when you sign in, you can no longer use your PIN to unlock your laptop and your desktop background will be gone.

Once you’re signed in within the Windows app, you can also chat. This chat doesn’t work at all, because Microsoft still likes the stupid WPF font-view, which makes all text blurry, and only characters appear on the screen half a second later. I have a $1000 laptop and a desktop for more, but displaying a single character takes Teams (and Skype for that matter, but the same code base) 500 milliseconds. You don’t make it up.

No, then the Mac version. When you switch to Teams, the focus is never on the chat text box. You always have to click before you can click, even after clicking on a notification (not original of course, but homemade). And if you tap on an image in the chat to enlarge it, the entire screen will turn white. Escape and clicking again the image will appear

Then the Android app. You may have notifications, if the app logs out on its own again. Click it, sign in again, oh, no notifications at all. Or this error again.

I don’t know which team within MS is responsible, but creating a good product doesn’t seem to be one of the points of interest.

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