Samsung Galaxy S23 (Plus / Ultra) with 4 hours free (+ more)

Samsung Galaxy S23 (Plus / Ultra) with 4 hours free (+ more)

Also want to watch 4 FREE with your new Samsung Galaxy S23+ or Ultra? Check here how and where to get this watch as a gift. In addition, you will get a great discount on your new Galaxy S23 model at many stores and providers. Below we list all the procedures neatly for you.

Galaxy S23 Plus / Ultra with free watch 4

Samsung’s new Galaxy S23 series has now landed safely in the Dutch phone market. There, the various models have received excellent reviews, in particular thanks to good performance and excellent battery life. But Samsung’s high-end displays are always eye-catching. What’s more, with the Galaxy S23 and S23+ you get premium, and with the Galaxy S23 Ultra even great cameras.

The latter is the first Galaxy phone to offer a 200MP main camera. On top of that, you also get the dual telephoto cameras again, which allow up to 10x optical zoom. This gives you great creative options that you don’t have on other phones (except Samsung’s Ultras).

In the coming weeks – from May 1st to May 21st – you can also get a great bonus offer with a number of S23 models. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 worth 199 euros is giving away as a gift along with the S23 + and S23 Ultra. In addition, in the coming weeks you will receive an additional discount of at least 100 € and a maximum of 200 € if you exchange your current phone.

So: how and where do you get the Watch 4 with the new Galaxy S23+ or Ultra?

This is how you get the free hour

To receive the watch for free with your new Galaxy S23+ or Ultra, you must do the following:

  • Buy the Galaxy S23+ or S23 Ultra within a while The promotional period is from May 1 to May 21.
  • If you do this at Samsung’s own store, you’ll also get a lot of extra discount on the trade-in. With both the Galaxy S23+ and Ultra, you’ll get an additional €200 off if you choose to trade in your existing phone. If you buy the Galaxy S23, you will receive an additional €100 trade-in discount.
  • Of course you can also buy your S23 elsewhere, but please note! So you will only get the Watch 4 if you buy the Plus or Ultra model directly from Samsung itself.
  • You will receive the Watch 4 directly with your order. You don’t have to do or send anything else.
  • More action: Don’t find Watch 4 interesting? Check out other promotions below where you can get discount in different ways.

Where to buy, what discount?

We have listed all the promotions in many Dutch stores and service providers here:

Most popular are S23 subscriptions

The most popular S23+ subscriptions

Most popular S23 Ultra plans

Which Galaxy S23 model with free clock 4 suits you?

As you can read above, you receive 4 free hours with the Galaxy S23 Plus or Ultra but: which S23 model is actually right for you? If you are not sure about this, we have some simple “rules” that will definitely make the choice easier. The most important consideration to make first is: Do you want a handy little phone? The “base model” of the S23 series – which means you don’t get a free Watch 4 – is one of the most compact and premium smartphones on the market. And thanks to the new processor, this version has excellent battery life and the same ultra-fast hardware.

The next question you can ask yourself is: do you want a phone with all the possible features and – especially – camera options? Then the Galaxy S23 Ultra is your choice. It’s pricey, but you also get a 200MP main camera, 10x optical zoom, a 5,000mAh battery, and a built-in S Pen.

Do you really want a great premium smartphone, but find all these camera features a bit superfluous? Then the Galaxy S23+ is the logical compromise. With its large battery, large screen, and the same fast and economical hardware as other models, you can get the most out of it here anxiety for you dollar.

know more? Read five things you need to know before you buy the Galaxy S23R Or review the Galaxy S23 (Ultra).

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