Go Sharing is removing scooters from a large part of the country

Go Sharing is removing scooters from a large part of the country

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Go Sharing, one of the largest providers of shared scooters in the Netherlands, has pulled out of 33 of the 45 Dutch cities and towns where the company is active.

“Basically we are seeing that usage is very low in a number of municipalities. We can’t maintain the operation there,” a company spokesperson said. NH News.

Of the 45 municipalities where electric scooters are now, 12 will soon remain: Eindhoven, Tilburg, The Hague, Breda, Delft, Almere, Den Bosch, Schiedam, Haarlem, Leeuwarden, Dordrecht and Rotterdam.

Mobility alternative

Go Sharing started in 2019 with shared scooters. It should have become an alternative to the car and an addition to public transportation.

April last year an investor is still stuck 50 million EUR in the company. But after a year and a half, the company could not turn a profit on shared scooters. on him website Go Sharing indicates uncertainty in the market, which makes investors more cautious. “That’s why we decided to focus first on making our system profitable.”

scattered scooters

Since launch, complaints about shared scooters have been decreasing. The number of scooters in Tilburg Start this summer By the municipality almost halved, from 400 to 250, after receiving more than a thousand complaints. Electric scooters were left in driveways or on the sidewalk where they obstructed traffic. Sometimes they get set on fire or end up in the shopping cart.

There is a private Instagram account in Alkmaar 072 . Distributed Scooters In which locals show that many shared scooters were left on their sides in the grass or in the ditch.

Available everywhere

Alkmaar is one of the municipalities where shared scooters disappear. Electric scooters will be redistributed between cities where the company will remain active. Anyone who still has credit in the app can continue to use this until the scooters leave town or in the twelve towns where shared scooters remain for rent.

Competitor Felyx, also a Dutch motorcycle joint stock company, is active in 12 cities and will continue to be available there.

072 . Distributed Scooters

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